About Us / FAQ

What is SecurePhoneLookup.com and how do I use it?

SecurePhoneLookup.com is a website aimed at providing free, fast and reliable phone lookup services to users like you. Tired of telemarters and spam calls? SecurePhoneLookup's reverse phone lookup functionality looks up and pulls information from any unknown number that may be calling or texting you. If you are getting spammed by a certain number, please let the community know by leaving a comment about your experience. Leaving comments about certain numbers can greatly help to inform and warn other users about potential scammers and telemarketers. Above all, thank you for visiting SecurePhoneLookup.com, I hope the reverse phone lookup functionality provided will be of use to you and other users. Looking up a phone number is as easy as typing in the desired number in our search box on the home page. Please make sure the phone number is formated correctly (i.e. 5555555555, 555-555-5555, (555) 555-5555 ).

Why is this service free?

SecurePhoneLookup.com aggregates publicly available information to provide users with select information related to each phone number searched. Because the information on this site is compiled from public data sources, it can safely provide a free and legal lookup service for users. If for some reason you find personal information that you believe should not be publicly visable, please use the Contact page to file a complaint/request. Reverse phone lookup services are commonly provided by many companies. The contents returned per phone number will vary between which phone lookup service you decide to use. Please be wary of any site offering paid phone number lookup services as this information is generally regarded as public domain and you should not have to pay for it. The goal of SecurePhoneLookup.com is not to bombard users with useless phone number information and clutter but rather to provide simple, usable information in a fast and easy manor.

Is this service legal?

Yes! In general, most phone number lookup services are completely legal. As stated in the previous paragraph, because this site aggregates public data to return phone number information to users, it remains legal. SecurePhoneLookup.com is not responsible for the actions of 3rd party sites that contain phone number lookup services and cannot guarantee if their services are legal or safe. Although most phone number lookup services are legal, please exercise caution when using such sites. Reading their FAQ/TOS page can help you identify the kinds of service you are using.

Why should I use reverse phone number lookup services?

Phone number lookup services or rather, reverse phone number lookup services have been increasing on the rise as of late. There are many free services(and some paid) which allow users to collect information about a particular phone number. The benfit of using these services, and more specifically SecurePhoneLookup.com's services, is that it allows you to obtain valuable information about any given phone number in the United States. This specifically comes in handy when trying to pinpoint spam calls and telemarketers. Robo calls can also be looked up. Another powerful feature of this site is the ability to leave and read comments per number. This community driven aspect can be very beneficial to see what others are saying about a perticular phone number.

Where can I go if I have further Questions.

For further questions and comments please defer to our Contact Page. Please be aware that response times will vary depending upon request. SecurePhoneLookup.com uses publicly available data sources containing phone number information and is not liable or responsible for the accuracy or contents of this data.