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Interested in learning more about our area code and reverse phone carrier lookup services? Click here and read about the details as to why carrier lookup services are free as well as their legal limitations. This service is free and intended to provide the community with a way to lookup landline and cell phone numbers and find related information about different area codes and carriers. This website is based off of aggregated public data and does not aim to violate personal privacy.

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The latest News posts related to mobile security, phone scams, phone carrier and reverse phone number lookup services. Find out more about what's going on in today's tech and mobile communications world. We plan on covering a wide variety of topics relevant to area code and phone carrier lookup services. Feel free to link to our blog posts on other sites as it helps drive our traffic. Also check out our new Facebook Page.

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Check out the latest news related to phone scams, phone security and reverse phone carrier lookup services. Worried about phone scams in your area? See what others are experiencing around the world, what phone scams are currently taking place, and what steps government and the community are taking to prevent such attacks. Our news page is updated every month with the latest news and information pertaining to reverse phone carrier lookup technologies and current phone scams.

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Latest news related to phone scams, phones, and phone number loookup services. aggregates public phone number information in the U.S. to help the general public identify potential scammers and robo callers. While your here, check out what's going on around the world when it comes to phone scams and phone carrier informtion. Below you will find some of the latest news or go to our News page to view our extensive news related to area codes, phone numbers, and phone scams.

American robocall outrage
Allan Smith - 5/27/2019

It was 3 a.m. when the phone rang. But it wasn't an emergency — it was a robocall, and it enraged...

Fraud Alert: Imposter Scams...
Jill Burke - 5/10/2019

Many of those calls come from tricksters, who will try to scare you and get you to hand over your va...

Here's How To Save A Bunch ...
TJ McCue - 5/3/2019

Over the last few years, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) has shown how cell phone (w...

10 Most Common Phone Scams ...
Maryalene LaPonsie - 5/3/2019

THE IRS AGENT CALLING you on the phone isn't really from the government, and the person collecting d...

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Not interested in looking up a specific phone number? Check out our Area Codes page to find information related to a specific United States area code. While some states have only one area code, most are divided into multiple geographical regions. Knowing the region of a particular area code can help you narrow down your search when tracking spam calls, prank calls, robo calls and telemarketers. Please remember to report any unwanted callers to the National Do Not Call Registry and leave a comment on our site to help out the community and raise awareness!